99 Days of Freedom

I signed up for this social experiment approximately 1 week ago. Right about the time when Argentina beat Netherlands in World Cup 2014 semifinals. Yes, so I can’t post about Germany winning the World Cup. *boohoo*

I mean who hasn’t thought of quitting Facebook at least once since you started a Facebook account. The ‘movement’ started as a some-kind of protest against Facebook’s own social experiment that monitored user’s mood. It was a short-period experiment, but a lot of people have a strong feelings against it.

Me, I just thought that it’s a good ‘reason’ to finally try ‘quitting’ Facebook. I mean if you really want to quit FB you’ll deactivate your account. I just want to see if I can avoid loging in to FB.

I would not go so far as to say yea I ‘unplug’ and quit going online altogether. No, I still use Instagram to post my pictures and Twitter to read my news. But Facebook was my main go-to social networking hub. And we’ll see whether or not I can last the 3 months, and whether or not cutting Facebook improve my life; happiness or anything at all…

To join the movement click here.



Germany Wins World Cup 2014

I invited a couple of friends over on Sunday to watch the match together (In Indonesian term, it’s called ‘nobar’ – nonton bareng). It’s World Cup final. It’s celebrated by pretty much everyone. It’s difficult to say no to, obviously. So I managed to gather 6 people in total. My apartment is in a quiet area, 6 people is already a lot.

So there we were, watching, 4 to 2 are rooting for Germany. It was already the extra time, and score was still 0-0, when we heard screaming and shouting from across the street. We were not the only people watching the match. It happened that we watched a streaming channel, and it was lagging… We all were like… ‘what?!? who scored?!? if this one is not a goal, the next one will be the other team’s goal’ No, it’s not, . Our phones were buzzing. Messages and notifications from friends fortunate enough to watch the match live, and was able to follow the scores on a more timely manner. We put our phone out of reach. Not wanting to ruin the ‘surprise’. And finally we witness Goetze scored a goal. One of the few last substitute in the match (good job Joachim Löw). ‘Super Mario’ scored the single goal that secure Germany the World Cup 2014 in 113th minute strike.

It was the company, it was the match, it was the Germany win, it was the junk food, it was the beaten up Schweinsteiger,it was the funny commentator. It was a great Sunday afternoon in Summer 2014.


Recently I have read a bunch of articles with regards to unplugging. It is very ironical how not too long ago we dream of being connected with everything and everyone, and now that we do, we try to unplug. It is definitely not an easy task. And at this time and age, it is not possible to go completely cold turkey.

Staying connected every minute has its own pros and cons, obviously. Since we’re looking at reducing the online time, I am going to focus more on the negative side of it. The few articles I read touched on these few subjects.

  1. The blue light from the screen of ipad/laptop/phone is disrupting to your sleep cycle.

This is quite a big deal for me, because as it is, I have slight ‘issue’ of falling asleep. So I try to limit gadget usage by 8pm and if we’re watching TV, at the latest by 9pm. Then continued by reading books prior to falling asleep. Yes mine is e-reader, but it’s the one without the backlight (Sony E-reader). And I can’t use it if my surrounding is dark, exactly like a book.
In addition, now I will be able to catch up with my reading and be more on track with my goal of 30 book for 2014.

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2.  ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’

Kinda related to no. 1. I leave my phone atso the phone will not vibrate if there’s any phone call or messages or whatsapp or whatnot. And the screen won’t even light up. I’m a light sleeper and vibrations annoy the hell out of me when I’m just thisss close to falling asleep. Cuz I’ll be alert after that and will take me another 15 minutes or so to fall asleep.

3. Saturday Unplugged

I’ve been waking up early on Saturday mornings and go to Starbucks to study. I intend to keep this up, even after my exam. Not to study, of course, but just to go out, read, people-watch, or ‘eavesdrop’ here and there (hey, it’s Starbucks, if you’re not whispering, everyone can hear you). Or you know, just go out and about, and unplug in general. I might even pick up a notebook just to doodle some stuff in. And I figured I could update my Unplug Experiences of the day….

Events Lined up for the next 3-4 months!

Didn’t quite realize that I have quite a fair bit of shows/concert/activity lined up all the way into Summer!

  1. Just this Sunday (Mar 30), Bf got us Blueman Group ticket at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. He got us a dress circle seat, which was more than fine. We got the first row, so there is no one sitting in front of us (it’s kinda balcony).
  2. Backstreet Boys Concert – 20 May
    My ‘high-school’ sweethearts. hahahahha… FINALLY! after all this year, I get to watch their concert. BSB used to only go on tours in countries where it’s not quite accessible for my 14 year-old self to travel to. And my parents are not the type who would accompany me overseas for concert. I’m going to say, typical Asian parents? Anyhoo… yay!!! Gona go with my girlfriends for this…
  3. Cirque du Soleil – 8 June
    1 day after my CFA exam! talk about ‘freedom’. Hopefully I would have done well in the exam, so I can really enjoy the show. But, hell, I’ll enjoy it anyway. What’s done is done no? This will be my 2nd Cirque show in almost 10 years. And I’ll get to do this with a group of friends! Eggciting!
  4. Lululemon Seawheeze and Sun festival – 23 August
    The super expensive half-marathon running event. I am actually very excited to do this. I have not run half-marathon in almost 5 years i think. And the last run that I did was Vancouver Sun Run, 3 years ago. That was a 10-km-run.  I will be doing the run alone, but afterwards, for the Sun Festival, bf will be joining me.
    Supposedly there will be hundreds of people doing yoga on the field, near Stanley Park/Lost Lagoon, before the concert start… Sounds wow! So that’s why I will do it… At least once….

That sort of round it off for now. We do have a big yearly trip in November.. Itinerary for now will be Cameron, Holland and 1 other Country in Europe… Most probably Italy, but will have to think of the logistic more before we start planning…

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Actors: Acting or For Real?

I’m not talking about when the actors are on TV or big screen. Because I’m pretty sure they were acting, for the most part. But what if yo u have a friend who’s an actor/actress? I obviously do not have one. So I might feign ignorance on this. But just hear me out.

The background story is, I work for a Media Arts School that has an Acting Department. So we have one area where the acting students usually hangs out or practice for class. So I have heard a lot of ‘conversations’, screams and ‘fights’ throughout the week.

So one day, I was making my way to the washroom, passing the acting area. There in the corner, was a girl sitting down curled up on the wall, talking on the phone. I saw mascara streak of tears on her cheek. I thought oh, she might just missed home, and talking to her family on the phone. I know for sure how it feels. So there it went to the back of my head.

Until the next day, again, on my way to the washroom. A different girl with legs folded and sitting in the corner. It could be quite cozy there. Not many foot traffic.
She was sobbing, and talking on the phone while sobbing. That got me wondering. Was it an actual phone conversation? Because that happened 2 days in a row, back to back, same place, both acting students. OR was it an acting exercise of some sort?

Then crossed my mind too. When you have a friend who is an actor/actress, how do you know when they’re acting or not. I mean everyone can act, but I have it in my head that actor/actress, can act better, and since they do that more frequently, it’s gona be much easier for them, don’t you think? So, there… just a random thoughts…. What do you think about that, I wonder….