Luxury Bag – Can I Justify It?

For the past week, I’ve been checking out LV website for their Neverfull GM. It is probably the cheapest out of the whole LV line, at the moment. But I feel that it’s quite versatile. It is leaning towards the more casual side, but I am more on casual-dresser-type-of-gal. And I thought if you ‘zipped’ up the side, the bag looks more ‘formal’. I am leaning towards GM, because I like big bags….

What blew my mind though, I ran across an article that says this particular bag can withstand 220lb of weights… I thought, WOW… I mean I definitely won’t fill the bag with 220lb of stuff, but just good to know that it could…
She also mentioned that she actually checked with the spokesperson of LV who confirms the testing done to these bags..

Now that the quality check is done, just the matter of the price… In CAD it cost $1,110 + 12% tax = $1,243.20. I was checking for price in, let’s say Paris, the bag cost EUR 740. At current rate, it is equivalent to CAD 1,074.87. And whatever tax that they have, I will definitely get some refund since I will be travelling as a tourist… so approximately $200 difference…. and on the big scheme of thing, it is kinda ONLY $200….

What to do, what to do?LV




Spending Updates – 27 June – 10 July

Here goes… I revert back to the lazy ways… but yes, I still track my spending. I’m going to HK in about 1 week time to meet my family and so there are several expenses that are gifts for my family and relatives.

Clothing Entertainment Dine out Miscl Transport Personal Care
Fri 27-Jun snacks 2.91
La Senza 33.58
Sat 28-Jun No Spend Day
Sun 29-Jun Paparoti 7.82
Translink – +2 8.25
Mon 30-Jun London drugs – lipbalm 4.5
Tangoo’s 10.41
Tue 1-Jul coffee 4.36
coffee 5.5
ipad cover 16.79
Photobook 19
Photobook – shipping 12.59
books – drawing 24.95
Wed 2-Jul No Spend Day
Thu 3-Jul snacks 4.47
Friday 4-Jul No Spend Day
Sat 5-Jul Pappa Roti – coffee 4.5
B-day cakes 21
Booze 9.59
Lunch – Marutama 10.68
Sun 6-Jul No Spend Day
Mon 7-Jul No Spend Day
Tue 8-Jul Translink 2.75
Wed 9-Jul Breakfast – McD 3.15
Honey Shoppe 12
Thu 10-Jul Translink 2.75
TOTAL 90.83 53.59 25.44 4.36 13.75 33.58
Budget 100 40 40 20 25 20
Balance 9.17 -13.59 14.56 15.6 11.25 -13.58

So several items for gifts are Salmon and Honeys. In total they came up to approx $100. There will be several more items to go.







Spending Updates 6 – 26 June 2014

Date Item Clothing Entertainment Dine out Miscl Transport Personal Care
Fri 6-Jun Coffee 1.05
Dinner – Momo 15
Candy 5.38
Fuel Belt 28
Sat 7-Jun Lunch – Safeway 4.5
Coffee 3
Dinner – Thai Express 8.69
Sun 8-Jun Coffee 4
Translink 2.75
Ice Cream 6
Mon 9-Jun Office Cutlery & Snacks 5.5
Translink 2.75
Tue 10-Jun No Spend Day
Wed 11-Jun Snacks – pea flour, pepperoni 17.44
Wine 14.09
Thu 12-Jun Face mist 30.24
Lunch – Thai Express 8.69
Fri 13-Jun Coffee 1
Dinner – Marutama Ramen 22.81
Chiro 60
Sat 14-Jun Dinner – Sushitown 16.06
Translink 2.75
Walmart – shampoo, cond, pads 34.99
Sun 15-Jun Shop 96.33
Coffee 3
Mon 16-Jun No Spend Day
Tue 17-Jun Translink 2.75
Social Shoppper 14
Wed 18-Jun No Spend Day
Thu 19-Jun No Spend Day
Fri 20-Jun Sephora 128.16
Groupon – Photobook
Sat 21-Jun Lunch 10
Translink 2.75
Drinks – Milestones 16.09
Hair Cut 54.34
Sun 22-Jun Coffee 3
Lunch – Madang Coul 12
Monday 23-Jun No Spend Day
Tue 24-Jun No Spend Day
Wed 25-Jun Whitecaps 40
Lunch 4.5
Snacks – Papa Beard 3.5
Thu 26-Jun Translink 2.75

So, I haven’t been posting my expenses… And I have spent quite a fair bit amount….. between airlines ticket (right, I am going to HongKong, and a couple other cities in Southern China), facial care from Sephora, and few other Summer-related expenses)…. *arrrggghhhh*
So I’m like wayyyyy negative in certain categories, so I decided to use my built -up clothing budget to balance out the expenses. Did not quite balanced mind you, but I don’t want to discourage and stressed myself out by keeping the balances for all categories in the negative. So I’m gona sort of start fresh again from the next paycheck. In the mean time, I’m still gona limit my expenses, reasonably.


Spending Updates 30 May 2014 – 5 June 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 200 104.5
Entertainment 14.5 0
Dine Out 10.5 0
Misc. 4.75 -56.44
Transport 11.25 0.25
Personal Care 0 0

Translink – $2.75
Coffee – $2.50
Sandals – $60
Calculator – $56.44
Frozen Yogurt – $7.50
Coffee – $3
Translink – $2.75
Shirts – $30
Nail polish – $5.50
Sunday – No Spend Day
Monday – No Spend Day
Tim Hortons – $3.50
Wednesday – No Spend Day
Thursday – Tim Hortons
Translink – $2.75
Lego Minifigurine – $9.75

Despite the 3 no-spend day, last week’s spending was on a higher end. I bought a pair of strappy sandals, since I don’t really have sandals.

I had to buy a financial calculator for my CFA exam. I have one (borrowed) and decided to get another one just in case the battery on the current one ran out. I don’t want to fail because of technical problem.

Bought a couple of basic shirts to be worn with blazer and whatnot, on sale at $5 a piece, which was kinda cool.

And I was kinda interested in taking pictures of mini figurine from Lego. Bought 1 from the recent Lego: the movie for $3.50 each. It was expensive. I decided to go on ebay and managed to find one seller who’s selling random character for about $10 (30 random pieces!!). Well granted that there might be duplicates since it was really random. And also it’s ebay, and bulk purchase. What do you expect?

Spent a couple of afternoon at Timmy’s to squeeze into my brain whatever I could for the last week of before THE exam…

Spending Updates 23 – 29 May 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 50 150
Entertainment 20 -5.5
Dine Out 20 -9.5
Misc. 10 -5.25
Transport 12.5 -1.25
Personal Care 10 -10

London Drugs – Contact lens – $23
Coffee – $2.50
Lunch – $8.50
Dinner – Momo – $14
Coffee – $3
Pizza – $20
Translink – $2.75
Translink – $2.75
Dollar Store – Snacks – $5.25
Translink – $2.75
Juice – $7
Dinner – $7
Translink – 2.75
Translink – $2.75

So there were no No Spend Day for me this week… *sigh*… I’ve been taking Translink everyday, and twice a day on Wednesday. Went to BF’s kickboxing testing. I was not feeling particularly healthy that day. Been having some kind of sinus/allergy/runny nose. Got a healthy juice of Mighty Kale and had dinner out.
I’ve decided to allocate the budget weekly since I’m tracking them weekly anyway. So the Wednesday outing busted my budget for the week. My weekend was also a little bit extravagant. Went to friend’s birthday and eat out a fair bit…
Other than that, everything is pretty straight forward….


Spending Updates 16 – 22 May 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 100 100
Entertainment 9 0
Dine Out 10.35 -11.65
Misc. 7.5 0
Transport 16.75 5.75
Personal Care 0 0

Friday – No Spend Day
Saturday – No Spend Day
Translink – $2.75
T&T – $18.50
Translink – $2.75
Translink – $2.75
Dinner – $20
Translink – $2.75
Translink – $2.75

Two No Spend Day on Long Weekend? YES, that’s because I was SICK! can barely lift my head off the bed… *sigh*, but hey, on the other hand, no money spent.

Took Translink a couple more time this week, otherwise I’d have more No Spend Day… I really gotta start leaving home earlier….

Dinner at Ricky’s on Tuesday, prior to BSB concert, *woot woot*. Had their Fish and Chips, and they are surprisingly good! It was not that expensive. I had a Bellinis as well, that’s why it’s $20 (includes tax and tips).

T&T trips is more for me hunting for some kind of Chinese soup and medicine, so it did not fall under grocery… I did manage to find the Nin Jiom Bei Pa Goa. It’s a black syrup, good for cough. I’ve had them since I was a kid, and I believe they’re more herbal than medicine, since I could find them in one of the T&T isle…

Well, I guess that’s that then….


Spending Updates 09 – 15 May 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 100 100
Entertainment 40 9
Dine Out 40 10.35
Misc. 20 7.5
Transport 25 16.75
Personal Care 20 0

Body Shop – $22
Safeway – Lunch – 5
Snacks & Coffee – $8.5
Dinner for 2- $28
Tylenol – $10.50
Coffee (for 2)- $8.5
Lunch – Subway – $5.50
Translink – $2.75
Translink – $2.75
Translink – $2.75
Lunch – Subway – $5.15

I was quite a bit late in posting my spending. I had quite a nasty cold, which I still have a little, at the moment, minus the fever and joint pain and whatnot.
and yes, it was a bad week… whether was good, but I’ve been taking transport WAY to much… I should’ve walked more often. That was one of the reason why I’d added a transport category there.. *sigh*
This should be my goal for the rest of the summer!
Nothing big much… Some of the meal are for 2, hence the ‘humongous amount’…
Bought 2 body butter from Body Shop. I like their body butter as it is quite thick and very rich…. I have dry skin.. and they’re on 50% off… That used up my personal care for the 2 weeks….