The Charlatan on Commercial Drive


Bf and I and a group of friends went to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the Charlatan. Ordered fish and chips and Steak, as shown. Prices are average for this kind of establishment. In the range of $15-$20. I really enjoy the fries (garlic fries I believe) but the fish were so so, nothing extra to be mentioned. I had a bite of the steak. Super juicy but flavouring was too subtle.

What I enjoyed is the Kronnenbourg Blanc. hehehe… Became one of my fave beer from then on! hehehe…


Donburi Ya on Robson & Jervis

Yakiniku Don

Beef Udon

donburiya - Chicken Teriyaki Don

Chicken Teriyaki Don

BF and I decided to try this tiny establishment on Robson. Decent price, good proportion and by good I mean I was not filled to the brim, which was nice. I ordered a small udon, and BF ordered medium don. The bowl used for sizing for the rice and the noodle are different, but both sizes are good for us. Cost less than $20 including tax and tips.
I did not try the don, but the udon was delicious. There was a charcoal smell from the soup and the meat itself, which I find interesting (in a good way) and also the soup has a very rich flavour. All in all I will be coming back.


Kungfu Noodle – Seymour and Georgia

Kungfu Noodle - Seymour and Georgia

One day when I did not brown-bag my lunch to work, I went to this new noodle place nearby. I ordered, noodle in meat sauce. It’s pork. The picture, as usual, looks better than the actual food. Picture has more meat, obviously. The noodles were apparently hand-made, and they do have different variety, spicy, soup. There were also several fried rice option for gluten-sensitive patron. Unfortunately, I don’t see rice noodle options, so no noodle type of food for gluten-sensitives.
Kungfu Noodle, is not bad actually, I rather enjoyed it. However, it’s a little bit on a pricier end for me, for lunch. I paid about $10.25 in total, including tips. On top of that, restaurant that used to be there (before Kungfu Noodle) offered me much better value for money. It was an economic type of food place where you get to pick a main (rice, noodle, rice noodle) and 2 or 3 dish. I usually went for 2 dish, and for $8 (incl. tips) I get to have AT LEAST 2 meal. I guess that’s why the old resto closed down.. >.<

Below $5 Lunch – Pizza

Below $5 Lunch - Pizza

I mentioned that I do not brown-bag my lunch on Tuesdays. The big part of it is because I need a break from cooking, sort of, and actually eat out. But I do still want to keep the expenses down, so, here is another cheap lunch.

On Tuesdays, pizza store on Dunsmuir, and Georgia I believe, offer a 2 for $4 pizza, and $4.50 including a pop. Both prices are tax inclusive. I mean it is very possible that there are cheaper pizza store on Tuesdays, but this one is in the vicinity of my working place. And I actually enjoyed their pizza. So… yay me, at the very least…

Craft Beer Market – Olympic Village

Craft BeerHave you been? Have you been?
It’s actually an interesting place. I love the ambiance. High ceiling, warehouse dim type vibe, and about 140 beers on tap. That last one got you eh!I didn’t try out mush of the food except chicken wing and side fries. But I did not want to miss out trying the beers of course. So, I ordered the international sampler. Most of them are Belgium beers. 6 Sleeves for about $10. Not a bad price.
Definitely will come again to check out other items on the menu. Maybe when it’s slightly warmer out….then we can enjoy the stroll by Science World as well…  we’ll see.

Best and Cheap Spicy Salmon Sashimi – Sushi Town

Spicy Salmon Sashimi

Spicy Salmon Sashimi

Smoked Salmon Roll, Dragon Roll, Oshinko Roll

Smoked Salmon Roll, Dragon Roll, Oshinko Roll

Oh My God, even only writing about it made my mouth water… *drool*
The Spicy Salmon Sashimi at Sushi Town is oh so good…. and for only $8.95, mountain-size plate/bowl (refer to the picture). If it were me alone, the salmon dish itself will fill me up to  the brim. But I went with Bf and he was HUNGRY. And there’s no point buying 2 bowl of salmon, hence we went for the Dragon Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll.

There was a Double Dragon Roll, but I don’t think it was gona be that much different. Not for the $2 difference in price. So we opt for the regular Dragon Roll. They were soooo avocado-eey. Which I LOVE.
The Smoked Salmon Roll, on the other hand, was more like California Roll with a pathetically thin slice of Smoked Salmon… >.<
Should’ve order something else. FYI I don’t really like the imitation crab meat thingy. Especially in sushi.
Oshinko is for boyfriend. He like the radish crunchy texture. All of their sushi that we ordered tasted good of course. And for everything we paid about $25 including tax and tips. AND a full stomach. I’d say that’s darn worth it!



Rice Bowl at East is East

east is eastThere are a few East is East around Greater Vancouver, I believe. One on Broadway and one on Main st. Most of the time I believe I went to the one on Main. Anyway, it is a Afghanistan/Middle Eastern type of food, although I know one of my Indian friend like this place too, I’m assuming also because of the similarities to Indian food.

Anyway, I don’t really enjoy Indian curry, but I do enjoy some of the food here at East is East. I love their mystic soup, and their salad dressing.

I was really hungry when I went there the last time, so I ordered some thing with rice for filler. So ordered one of the rice bowl. The one with beef… It was delicious, I enjoyed it, but portion wise, kinda tiny, and bear in mind I was HUNGRY… it’s just nice, in the end, but I wasn’t quite satisfied. =P

And it’s a tad on the expensive side for the price. but they do use a very good amount of spices. Overall, I enjoy their food and will still go back again, and again.