Book 13 – 2014 – The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort


A memoir/biography book that did not put me to sleep, other than Steve Job. Frankly it’s hard to fall asleep when the story is filled with adrenaline. Not so much action-packed, although it’s not totally lack of it as well. The story is lined up with drug this drug that, so many f**k this and that. I was scared for him, eventhough somehow he managed to smoothly overcome everything unscathed, except of course when he got caught.

No, don’t worry I did not just drop a spoiler. It’s well known that he was a federal convict. Although from the article I read, it’s not so much prison, but like 5-star-hotel. Anyway, I heard of the movie (haven’t watched it yet), the book was not quite what I had in mind when I decided to read it.

I would suggest you read it first before watching the movie? You know If you are a reader, that is.


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