99 Days of Freedom

I signed up for this social experiment approximately 1 week ago. Right about the time when Argentina beat Netherlands in World Cup 2014 semifinals. Yes, so I can’t post about Germany winning the World Cup. *boohoo*

I mean who hasn’t thought of quitting Facebook at least once since you started a Facebook account. The ‘movement’ started as a some-kind of protest against Facebook’s own social experiment that monitored user’s mood. It was a short-period experiment, but a lot of people have a strong feelings against it.

Me, I just thought that it’s a good ‘reason’ to finally try ‘quitting’ Facebook. I mean if you really want to quit FB you’ll deactivate your account. I just want to see if I can avoid loging in to FB.

I would not go so far as to say yea I ‘unplug’ and quit going online altogether. No, I still use Instagram to post my pictures and Twitter to read my news. But Facebook was my main go-to social networking hub. And we’ll see whether or not I can last the 3 months, and whether or not cutting Facebook improve my life; happiness or anything at all…

To join the movement click here.



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