Luxury Bag – Can I Justify It?

For the past week, I’ve been checking out LV website for their Neverfull GM. It is probably the cheapest out of the whole LV line, at the moment. But I feel that it’s quite versatile. It is leaning towards the more casual side, but I am more on casual-dresser-type-of-gal. And I thought if you ‘zipped’ up the side, the bag looks more ‘formal’. I am leaning towards GM, because I like big bags….

What blew my mind though, I ran across an article that says this particular bag can withstand 220lb of weights… I thought, WOW… I mean I definitely won’t fill the bag with 220lb of stuff, but just good to know that it could…
She also mentioned that she actually checked with the spokesperson of LV who confirms the testing done to these bags..

Now that the quality check is done, just the matter of the price… In CAD it cost $1,110 + 12% tax = $1,243.20. I was checking for price in, let’s say Paris, the bag cost EUR 740. At current rate, it is equivalent to CAD 1,074.87. And whatever tax that they have, I will definitely get some refund since I will be travelling as a tourist… so approximately $200 difference…. and on the big scheme of thing, it is kinda ONLY $200….

What to do, what to do?LV




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