Germany Wins World Cup 2014

I invited a couple of friends over on Sunday to watch the match together (In Indonesian term, it’s called ‘nobar’ – nonton bareng). It’s World Cup final. It’s celebrated by pretty much everyone. It’s difficult to say no to, obviously. So I managed to gather 6 people in total. My apartment is in a quiet area, 6 people is already a lot.

So there we were, watching, 4 to 2 are rooting for Germany. It was already the extra time, and score was still 0-0, when we heard screaming and shouting from across the street. We were not the only people watching the match. It happened that we watched a streaming channel, and it was lagging… We all were like… ‘what?!? who scored?!? if this one is not a goal, the next one will be the other team’s goal’ No, it’s not, . Our phones were buzzing. Messages and notifications from friends fortunate enough to watch the match live, and was able to follow the scores on a more timely manner. We put our phone out of reach. Not wanting to ruin the ‘surprise’. And finally we witness Goetze scored a goal. One of the few last substitute in the match (good job Joachim Löw). ‘Super Mario’ scored the single goal that secure Germany the World Cup 2014 in 113th minute strike.

It was the company, it was the match, it was the Germany win, it was the junk food, it was the beaten up Schweinsteiger,it was the funny commentator. It was a great Sunday afternoon in Summer 2014.


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