Spending Updates 6 – 26 June 2014

Date Item Clothing Entertainment Dine out Miscl Transport Personal Care
Fri 6-Jun Coffee 1.05
Dinner – Momo 15
Candy 5.38
Fuel Belt 28
Sat 7-Jun Lunch – Safeway 4.5
Coffee 3
Dinner – Thai Express 8.69
Sun 8-Jun Coffee 4
Translink 2.75
Ice Cream 6
Mon 9-Jun Office Cutlery & Snacks 5.5
Translink 2.75
Tue 10-Jun No Spend Day
Wed 11-Jun Snacks – pea flour, pepperoni 17.44
Wine 14.09
Thu 12-Jun Face mist 30.24
Lunch – Thai Express 8.69
Fri 13-Jun Coffee 1
Dinner – Marutama Ramen 22.81
Chiro 60
Sat 14-Jun Dinner – Sushitown 16.06
Translink 2.75
Walmart – shampoo, cond, pads 34.99
Sun 15-Jun Shop 96.33
Coffee 3
Mon 16-Jun No Spend Day
Tue 17-Jun Translink 2.75
Social Shoppper 14
Wed 18-Jun No Spend Day
Thu 19-Jun No Spend Day
Fri 20-Jun Sephora 128.16
Groupon – Photobook
Sat 21-Jun Lunch 10
Translink 2.75
Drinks – Milestones 16.09
Hair Cut 54.34
Sun 22-Jun Coffee 3
Lunch – Madang Coul 12
Monday 23-Jun No Spend Day
Tue 24-Jun No Spend Day
Wed 25-Jun Whitecaps 40
Lunch 4.5
Snacks – Papa Beard 3.5
Thu 26-Jun Translink 2.75

So, I haven’t been posting my expenses… And I have spent quite a fair bit amount….. between airlines ticket (right, I am going to HongKong, and a couple other cities in Southern China), facial care from Sephora, and few other Summer-related expenses)…. *arrrggghhhh*
So I’m like wayyyyy negative in certain categories, so I decided to use my built -up clothing budget to balance out the expenses. Did not quite balanced mind you, but I don’t want to discourage and stressed myself out by keeping the balances for all categories in the negative. So I’m gona sort of start fresh again from the next paycheck. In the mean time, I’m still gona limit my expenses, reasonably.



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