Book 10 – 2014 – Whiteout – Ken Follett

Book 10 – 2014 – Whiteout - Ken Follett

I got this book, technically for free. In a sense that neighbors in apartment leave books every so often, up for grabs. So I grabbed. Haven’t gotten around to read it until recently. I read Ken Follett’s other books, “Pillars of the Earth”, which was an interesting reads, and quite well-known, back when it was published, I must say. So I thought, sure, I didn’t mind his writing style then. Whiteout was published prior to Pillars of the Earth, I believe.

The story lines revolve around a pharmaceutical company with newly developed air-borne virus able to wipe out an entire population. With a little bit of romance, and terrorist involvement, obviously….

Personally, I found the book very average. There are parts where I can’t really put the book down, because the action was quite thrilling, I should say. But at the same time, story line was very predictable. And boring. It’s a good ‘transition’ book, if you’ve been reading ‘heavy topic’ book. But not just by itself.


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