Spending Updates 30 May 2014 – 5 June 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 200 104.5
Entertainment 14.5 0
Dine Out 10.5 0
Misc. 4.75 -56.44
Transport 11.25 0.25
Personal Care 0 0

Translink – $2.75
Coffee – $2.50
Sandals – $60
Calculator – $56.44
Frozen Yogurt – $7.50
Coffee – $3
Translink – $2.75
Shirts – $30
Nail polish – $5.50
Sunday – No Spend Day
Monday – No Spend Day
Tim Hortons – $3.50
Wednesday – No Spend Day
Thursday – Tim Hortons
Translink – $2.75
Lego Minifigurine – $9.75

Despite the 3 no-spend day, last week’s spending was on a higher end. I bought a pair of strappy sandals, since I don’t really have sandals.

I had to buy a financial calculator for my CFA exam. I have one (borrowed) and decided to get another one just in case the battery on the current one ran out. I don’t want to fail because of technical problem.

Bought a couple of basic shirts to be worn with blazer and whatnot, on sale at $5 a piece, which was kinda cool.

And I was kinda interested in taking pictures of mini figurine from Lego. Bought 1 from the recent Lego: the movie for $3.50 each. It was expensive. I decided to go on ebay and managed to find one seller who’s selling random character for about $10 (30 random pieces!!). Well granted that there might be duplicates since it was really random. And also it’s ebay, and bulk purchase. What do you expect?

Spent a couple of afternoon at Timmy’s to squeeze into my brain whatever I could for the last week of before THE exam…


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