Spending Updates 09 – 15 May 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 100 100
Entertainment 40 9
Dine Out 40 10.35
Misc. 20 7.5
Transport 25 16.75
Personal Care 20 0

Body Shop – $22
Safeway – Lunch – 5
Snacks & Coffee – $8.5
Dinner for 2- $28
Tylenol – $10.50
Coffee (for 2)- $8.5
Lunch – Subway – $5.50
Translink – $2.75
Translink – $2.75
Translink – $2.75
Lunch – Subway – $5.15

I was quite a bit late in posting my spending. I had quite a nasty cold, which I still have a little, at the moment, minus the fever and joint pain and whatnot.
and yes, it was a bad week… whether was good, but I’ve been taking transport WAY to much… I should’ve walked more often. That was one of the reason why I’d added a transport category there.. *sigh*
This should be my goal for the rest of the summer!
Nothing big much… Some of the meal are for 2, hence the ‘humongous amount’…
Bought 2 body butter from Body Shop. I like their body butter as it is quite thick and very rich…. I have dry skin.. and they’re on 50% off… That used up my personal care for the 2 weeks….


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