Kungfu Noodle – Seymour and Georgia

Kungfu Noodle - Seymour and Georgia

One day when I did not brown-bag my lunch to work, I went to this new noodle place nearby. I ordered, noodle in meat sauce. It’s pork. The picture, as usual, looks better than the actual food. Picture has more meat, obviously. The noodles were apparently hand-made, and they do have different variety, spicy, soup. There were also several fried rice option for gluten-sensitive patron. Unfortunately, I don’t see rice noodle options, so no noodle type of food for gluten-sensitives.
Kungfu Noodle, is not bad actually, I rather enjoyed it. However, it’s a little bit on a pricier end for me, for lunch. I paid about $10.25 in total, including tips. On top of that, restaurant that used to be there (before Kungfu Noodle) offered me much better value for money. It was an economic type of food place where you get to pick a main (rice, noodle, rice noodle) and 2 or 3 dish. I usually went for 2 dish, and for $8 (incl. tips) I get to have AT LEAST 2 meal. I guess that’s why the old resto closed down.. >.<


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