Hearthy Homemade Lasagna – no boil noodle

Hearthy Homemade Lasagna - no boil noodle

Bf lurrrvve lasagna. He is sensitive to gluten, not quite allergy cuz he can take minute amount of gluten, if it’s in the sauce or some transference from other cooking ingredients and whatnot. He can’t, however, eat like bread or wheat noodle without the ‘consequences’. Anyway, I used brown rice noodle for the lasagna.
The reason why I have not make the lasagna, eventhough I have this noodle for almost 1 year now, is that I was too lazy to boil the noodle and THEN start prepping for the dish. Key work, as always, LAZY.

Here goes…
I started sauteeing onion with butter in a pot… until they’re kinda soft and limp… then I added a can of tomato sauce… I cant remember the size of the can…. it’s about a venti starbucks size in height, and slightly bigger.
Next I added the ground beef… I bought beef in ‘bulk’ and divvied them up in containers and freeze them. This container had about 2 handful of beef…. >.< yea I’m bad with measurement… You might want to defrost the beef first, otherwise might take longer to cook it, worst still in tomato sauce. I made that mistake, and have to lower the temp so I don’t burn the sauce, while scraping the ground beef with soon, as it was cooking slowly…
Then I added cauliflower… once I have all the beef sort of ‘cooked’ I set aside the pot…. I added some water to ‘dilute’ the sauce a little bit since I need the liquid to ‘cook’ the lasagna noodle later on…
Switched the oven to 350F, then I started preparing for the lasagna…
Thin layer of the meat sauce at the bottom of the bakeware.. I used glass plate of some sort, for baking… then lay down the noodle (unboiled)… pour the sauce, I added feta cheese, spinach, then another layer of noodle, cheese, spinach, sauce… so on and so forth until you reach the top… pour the rest of sauce, feta cheese, and I added another layer of marble cheese….
baked for 45 minute to 1 hour…. and that’s it! noodle were cooked thoroughly, and not soggy at all…
You can add or subtract any number of ingredient you want. I will be adding mushroom and probably corn into the sauce next time….


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