Spending Updates 02 – 08 May 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 0 0
Entertainment 31 0
Dine Out 32 4.5
Misc. 25 3.5
Transport 19.5 0

Translink – $2.75
Coffee – $2.50
Lunch – $9
Lunch – $6
Coffee & Snacks – $8
Sunday – No Spend Day
MondayTranslink -$2.75
Snacks – London Drugs – $8
Meats – $20
Starbucks – tumbler – $30
Snacks – A&W – $4
Translink – $2.75

So, I’ve been taking transit a little bit more than I want to this past week. and I almost got another No Spend Day on Thursday, but I felt ill after work a little bit. Probably not enough good night sleep, and it was raining, so I took the bus home.

Bought a new tumbler since my old one had become disgusting… The old one was a good tumbler and I good it for free. But it’s time to change, and that should reduce the amount of coffee I buy on weekday. At $2-3 per day… they add up…
I ‘spread’ out this $30 into several category, that’s why you don’t see any negative signs up there… hehehehe… but overall I’m still ahead…

Bf sort of got a promotion/pay increase this month, so I bought some extra meat for celebratory food (outside of the food budget). Well that’s that…

In about 1-2 weeks, I expect to get some incoming reimbursement from my orthopedics… that would be $200 if I got the reimbursement. And about another $30 from ebates *woot woot*












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