Olay ProX (cheaper version of Clarisonic Mia)


Okay, first of all, I have never purchase/use Clarisonic Aria. I did, however, touched the brush, and it was soft, like you wouldn’t believe. In fact there were at least 3 brushes, if I remember correctly. Even the ‘regular’ brush was very soft. HOWEVER, at $200 it is a little bit on a high end for me. There were some promotional package with Sephora might include face care product of SKII or other expensive brands, which I think is worth it, if you want to buy the Clarisonic anyway.
I felt that my skin was so dull and just feel the need for some kind of something to refresh my skin, and going to facial is quite a lux for me, hence I was soooo very tempted to get the Clarisonic.  I figure it’s an investment. I was reading the reviews, but they’re very different from one person to the other. The reviews were to the extreme. Customer either LOVE it and swear by it or got quite a severe breakout and cant use it at all. That got me doubting. IF I cant use it at all, that’ll be $200 down the rain… plus tax.

THEN I came across another version of Clarisonic. Ar $30+ tax, I got a device, batteries, 2 set of brush (daily and microdermabrasion) and 2 sets of cleanser. I cant compare it with Clarisonic, obviously, since I didn’t own one, but the Olay ProX works super fine for me. Felt my skin soooo much cleaner after usage. I use a different combination of skin care, though. At the moment I was trying out Lancome bienfeit, for hydration.

I started with using the ProX daily, but afraid that it will dry my already dry skin. After about 2 weeks, I use it every other day. I use Aveeno ultra-calming foaming soap instead of the one tat came with the device. I think that one is too strong for me. I do use the microdermabrasion one that come with the packaging, as directed on the box, once a week.

If you want to give any of device a try, I would recommend the ProX since Clarisonic cost 4x more. Unless of course if you want to collect the Sephora points and whatnot. Get that VIB status that much sooner..

Anyhow, that’s my 2-cents…



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