Spending Updates 25 Apr – 01 May 2014

  Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 100 0
Entertainment 40 31
Dine Out 40 32
Misc. 25 25
Transport 25 19.5

Lunch – $8
Saturday – No Spend Day
Starbucks – $4
Monday – No Spend Day
Translink – $2.75
Lunch – $4
Coffee – $2
Translink – $2.75
Coffee – $3

I did not buy any clothing whatsoever, but since I busted my last misc. with some non-recurring and unpredictable expenses like CFA Mock Exam and Dental expenses, I thought I will ‘write-off some off the balance and reduce the amount of my ‘future’ expenses. So i remove my whole clothing balance and lower both my entertainment and dine-out budget by $10 and cut the misc in half. If there are some left at the end of 2 weeks, I might write them off too… It just seems ‘fair’… hahaha…

I just realized that I have separate bi-weekly budget for my bus pass, but I placed transport expense under misc in my daily tracker. I have created a separate category for transport. And since it’s warmer out, I don’t imagine I will be going back and forth to work everyday by bus. Assuming I take bus every morning to work, that’s 20 fare saver tickets (2 booklet). Cost per booklet is $21 all inclusive. It’s therefore cheaper for me to just by 2 (or even 3 booklets) at $21 each as opposed to $91 for 1 zone 1 month pass. With that said, I’ve been taking transit too much this last week. I should’ve walked more since the weather has been so nice. Need to kick myself out of the house earlier.

With that said, I also have been buying way too much coffee. My tumbler broke. I really do need to get a new one and start making coffee at home…. Other than that, everything is peachy..


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