Book 8-2014 – The curious incident of the dog in the night-time – Mark Haddon

mike haddonI know I’ve said it a couple of times that the story of a certain book is written in a certain point of view, which make it interesting. But here I am, saying this again. I mean maybe prior to me writing about books I read on this blog, I have been reading only certain kind of books, or maybe I did not do a summary or provide any opinion whatsoever when I read books, so I did not notice these different style of writing. Nevertheless, I am telling you, it’s amazing how different the styles of the last 4-5 books that I read.
Anyway, I have been wanting to read this particular book since I was in the university I believe. Just didnt quite want to spend money on new books at that time. What with being a poor student and a nomad who moved around a lot, books are a kind of luxury that I could not afford. Back when e-reader was not a thing.
The book, is written from point of view of a brilliant teenager, who is different from us. He likes things to be in order, and I mean in perfect order. It is not clearly mentioned in the book, but I want to say that he is a high functioning autism?
I mean I’m not sure, but the book provide an ‘in’ into understanding how he view certain things that we see in our daily dealings with people.

Like how he will take sentence we said literally, how he dislike certain colours and refuse to eat certain food because of that colour, and a lot of other things. I think the book provides a good way in understanding people that are different for us, and that each of us have different reason why we behave the way behave…


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