Book 7- 2014 – The Road – Cormac McCarthy

photoThe Road reminded me a little bit of scenes from Walking Dead. The differences are that obviously it’s not zombie-themed book and also the surrounding are pretty much filled with ashes. Especially when it says that even the snows are soot colour.

That said, The Road is brilliantly written but it is obviously not a ‘happy’ book. I find it a tad depressing, especially when I’m also reading cancer-related story at the same time.

The story written in such a way that provides a vivid images of what it’s like to live in that kind of situation, the daily in-and outs.

Potential Spoiler alert:
The Road engage reader in the journey of a father and son in a world after war. It is a quiet, dead world with no one in sight, and setting are in Fall/Winter. When there are people, you would not know whether they are good guy or bad guy. And in the end, you still do not know what happened to the world, who are the good guy and the bad guy, and in general what happened? Eventhough the ending is done pretty well, I think, but there is no definite answer…


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