Spending Updates 18 – 24 Apr 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 8.5 8.5
Entertainment 22 1
Dine Out 34 7
Misc. -178.25 -290.25

Starbucks – $5
Momo Sushi – $15.5
Walmart – $68
Walmart – $15
Starbucks – $5
Starbucks – $5
Movie – $6
Lunch – $5.50
Dentist – $29
Wednesday – No Spend Day
Lunch – $4.50
Snacks – $1.50

Yes, It was quite an expensive long weekend. A lot of other places only have Friday off, but not Easter Monday, but I had both days off. I studied in the morning and watch Capt. America with bf. We have the ‘cheap’ movie ticket thingy that cost us $9, but since it’s a 3D shows, we had to top up $3 each ticket.

Did another trip to my dentist for a cavity filling. Again, covered by insurance so I paid like $30 for the visit. I will have to schedule another appointment though, to remove my wisdom teeth. Apparently their location made it difficult for me or even for the dental hygienist to clean. Hence, make more sense to remove them. I need to find time where I have enough ‘budget’ for this…. >.<

As you can see, I went to Walmart like twice in a row. A lot of items are cheaper than other places, for example, bf deodorant cost like $2 cheaper than when he got it from Safeway or London Drugs. So I went to get several items, among other items, one of them is Olay ProX microdermabrasion set. I will be giving review about it probably in the next couple of days. Then things such as cotton pads, Aveeno facial wash for Calming effects, and then I went back again to get some kind of plastic drawer to arrange my bathroom, which looks fantabulous right now, I should add.. Like I mentioned, I will have to setup a new budget allocation for this personal care and stuff.

My coffee budget will stay the same or will increase at least within the next month since I will be staying out at coffee shop to prepare for my CFA, but I am hoping it will be offset by reduction in other category. i.e I won’t be going out as much entertainment-wise or shopping for clothing-wise….





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