Spending Updates 4 – 10 Apr 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing -84.5 -91.5
Entertainment 41 0
Dine Out 31 0
Misc. 40 0

Coffee – $2
Wine – $16
Snacks – $3
Coffee – $2
Coffee – $7
Translink – $2.75
Gelato – $4.50
Lunch – $5
Amazon – podiatrist stuff – $20
Tuesday – No Spend Day
Dinner at HalongBay – $18
Duty for ModCloth – $38.75

So for this week, the 2 ‘unusual item’ are my foot stuff and the bloody tax for my online purchase.
I have super flat feet, so my podiatrist recommended me to get this feet contraption of some sort, to be worn at home or at night to adjust my misshapen bone. This is on top of the custom-made orthothics that cost a dubloon. I know I sound grumpy about it, but I do realized that whatever he said might be the cause of my discomfort while I’m walking in my ‘tight’ shoes… The shoes might feel tight, because my feet is crooked, or something like that. Anyhow, so I ordered online to get it… It was slightly cheaper than if I got it from like London Drugs or something. For the exact same thing.
The other one is tax tax tax…. 2 things that’s unavoidable in life are death and taxes… So, there you go. My first experience with ModCloth was that no shipping and no additional tax. Basically what I have to account for is the exchange rate. That was during Christmas, so I guess to encourage holiday spending, ModCloth was having a free shipping event, even for International Purchase. Understandable. Then, I was already prepared to pay for the shipping, BUT definitely not the additional tax payment. I mean, I understand if I have to pay tax, but it caught me off guard, and I didn’t budget for it… So I’m out $40. Sooo not happy about this….
I decided to sort of spread the $40 across multiple categories. Essentially to zero them out. Except of course the clothing budget. But I will have it in the positive soon enough…
Anyway, now I know, and I will think twice or thrice before purchasing anything from Modcloth again… or you know, purchase below $200 to ‘avoid’ taxes.

Overall, though I’m really glad about the purchase. Will update again for the outfit I got!!



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