Fillings for Spring Roll Could Double as a Dish

Fillings for Spring Roll Could Double as a Dish

Yes, that’s right. The way I made it, you can. Let’s start with the ingredient.
I did 2 mung bean noodle, half of russet potato, carrot, green bean, oyster sauce, onion, garlic, ground beef, sesame oil.

Start of soaking the mung bean noodle in hot water. Until the noodle soften a little bit, cut them up into shorter pieces; with scissors are fine.

Then start up the pan with sesame oil, onion and garlic until some kind of nice smell lingers in the air. Then add in the potato and carrot, cut into small cube and then the ground beef. Topped up with a generous amount of oyster sauce. Oyster sauce is very flavourful and salty. There is nothing much you need to add. You could add a dash black pepper and pinch of sugar to bring out the flavours. Then add in the green bean cut into small cylinder. Everything need to be small since you need to wrap them in the spring roll skin.

You can get spring roll wrapping paper from T&T. The one you want to get is usually in the frozen food section or some kind of refrigerated one and slightly yellowish. Made of flour. NOT the rice wrap. Probably less ‘healthy’ but taste more delicious, and easier to make it crispy. Recently we found out that bf can have it, despite it containing wheat (bf is sensitive to gluten)

I think there is about 30-40 pcs of skin in a pack of those wrappers. When I’m not lazy, I actually wrap the filling the way spring roll supposed to be, but the last one what I did was basically put the filling diagonally in the centre and take one end of the skin to the other end, making a triangle. Then fry them (in butter for extra flavouring). Easy peasy…. voila… You don’t have to do a deep fry, I mean it’s better if you have a deep-fry thingy, but otherwise, pan is fine too.

Leftover for the filling is a dish to be served on top of the rice. et voila… Lazy cook at work!


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