Spending Updates 28 Mar – 3 Apr 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 185.5 -84.5
Entertainment 50 41
Dine Out 50 31
Misc. 50 40

Modcloth – $270
Starbucks  – $3
Starbucks – $3
Walmart – Hair care – $10
McD – $7
Lunch – $7.50
Coffee – $3
Lunch – $4.50
Wednesday – No Spend Day
Thursday – No Spend Day

So I forgot to post the weekly spending. I spent quite a fair bit on ModCloth. Bust my clothing budget. That’s probably why I  ‘accidentally’ forgotten to update. hehhehe..
In my defense (as always), I manage to get about 3 casual dresses, 1 top, 1 skirt, 1 belt and shipping! Man I hate that we’re just across the border from Seattle and cost another $25 for shipping, which was otherwise free. You can get another top for that, at least….
AND my clothing budget would be probably be reloaded by the time the shipping arrived… >.< I will pay off my credit card for this purchase, once I have reloaded the so-called budget. And yes, I did take into account that I can pay off my credit card before the deadline and I will not incur any charges. Responsible shopping baby…

Bought Organix hair oil for my hair. It’s about $2 cheaper in Walmart, as opposed to in London Drugs. Walmart a little bit out of the way though, and I will need to buy transit fare $2.75 for 1 zone weekend…. Unless I buy some other stuff too… Oh well… we’ll see about that later… when it become a problem…

Anyway, I believe there’s no other unusual spending that I have not recorded….





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