‘Healthy’ Cheap Afternoon Snacks

I like to munch. And i kinda need to eat something every few hour or so. Something to do with the sugar thing. I have not had it checked, so it could be a very valid medical thingy, but it could just be me, but if i missed a meal, or no sugar in my body I feel awful. Like cant really function properly. Unless I’m super busy a.k.a with working or moving around a lot. Anyway, I don’t want to keep buying chocolate or chips from the vending machine. One is not exactly healthy, and 2 it’s expensive yo!

So I thought I could come up with something ‘healthy’ and sweet, and cheap. Pretty sure I am not the first person who come up with it, but yea, presenting… mixed fruits and mixed cereal, and mixed them. hehehhee… in a recycle yogurt container. Tadaaaaaa…. This combo consist of Reese Puffs, Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, and bulk Mixed fruit.

snacksokay not 100% healthy healthy, but should be better than chips and less fattening than all chocolate snacks….


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