Sephora Haul & Samples

So I went to Sephora to get a lipstick for my mom. A friend of mine is going back to Indonesia, thought I get her an early birthday present (trying to find something light, so I don’t impose) And since it’s so tiny I said i don’t need a bag. But then I saw a ziploc baggy behind the counter. So I thought I’ll ask for that instead just to preserve the state of the tiny box of lipstick. I pointed at it and asked the lady, “Can I get that bag?”
She was like “sure” then proceeded to get a plastic bag, with pouch in it and then the ziploc which turned out to contain some samples.
I was surprised and tried to explain myself, I was like, oh I only asked for the plastic bag.
Either she didn’t hear me/understand me, or I don’t know what, but she wouldn’t really take back what she already said so I can only say thank you.
Then I went home, turns out they’re samples for the VIB Rouge…
Oh well, every so often you get lucky for being an ESL person… Hehehehhe….



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