Brown Bag Lunch – Grilled Chicken with Salad and Rice

photo 2

Easy peasy. Get chicken from Safeway. We got bone-in thigh (more flavour and juicy-er). Sprinkle generously (or stingy-ly, up to you) with vegetable seasoning. You can get this delicious seasoning at Save-On food, bulk spices section. Just look for ‘vegetable seasoning’. Throw them into the oven at probably 375 for 30 min or so. Just keep checking if it’s brown enough every so often. hehheheheh….

Then the salad, the one you saw was leftover of the prepacked garden salad. You can definitely do your own. I don’t generally like dressing so I added a little bit of sweet soy sauce for additional flavouring for the salad and rice. I heat up the whole thing in microwave, so salad is more like steamed veggie by the time I ate it. Which was my intention. So… just FYI…


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