Book 3- 2014 : The Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

Book 3- 2014 : The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss

So this is the 2nd book in what’s called the KingKiller Chronicle. I read the first one, The Name of the Wind as an ‘agreement’ with Bf. He recommended me one book and I recommended me one book that we had read and enjoyed. The 2nd one was just because I want to read it. hahahaha…

I enjoyed reading the book, despite it being a fantasy, which I don’t usually pick. This book, as is the first one, is like a biography of the main character, Kvothe. It is about him telling stories about him in the ‘olden’ times and a Chronicle, chronicling about it.
He is somewhat a legend in his world, hence the true story is sought for. The plot switched back and forth every so often to tell us about what is happening in the present times.
This particular book had about 3-4 different stories of his life. More like different sub-stories of his life. That’s how I thought of this. While it is very entertaining, but knowing that he is as good as he is, sometimes takes the suspense out of reading about an event that is occurring.
With that said, the more you read the book, the more familiar you’ll be with the names and the terms that’s used, the easier it is to read the book, and the more into it you get, without being confused about who’s who and what’s what. I am looking forward to reading the next one, once it’s published of course. I heard it will be a tear-jerker…
The book has about 1090 pages on my e-reader, and I finished it in about 1 month. Good for me! I guess….


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