Blue Man Group in Vancouver!


source- Blue Man Group official website

Prior to last night, I have never heard of Blue Man Group. Okay, prior to bf mentioning about them, about a month at most, before last night, I have never heard of them. But I googled them online, and it looks like something I’d enjoy, so we went.
And yes, I did enjoy it a lot. The humour, the colourful display, the music, and the ambiance. Especially for the price we paid. I was told we paid approximately group price. Got the tickets from one of those coupon websites.


Source: The Province website

And we also got a decent seat. Now, if you’d like to join in the ‘festivities’ and whatnot, you might want to pick seats that’s on the lower level. But if you like a bird eye’s view of things, our seats were the best! Now if only I had my camera, or we’re allowed to take picture…. oh the colours…

Balcony View

Balcony View – Source

Was it great? yes
Did I enjoy it? hell yea
Would I go again? probably, but not anytime soon



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