Events Lined up for the next 3-4 months!

Didn’t quite realize that I have quite a fair bit of shows/concert/activity lined up all the way into Summer!

  1. Just this Sunday (Mar 30), Bf got us Blueman Group ticket at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. He got us a dress circle seat, which was more than fine. We got the first row, so there is no one sitting in front of us (it’s kinda balcony).
  2. Backstreet Boys Concert – 20 May
    My ‘high-school’ sweethearts. hahahahha… FINALLY! after all this year, I get to watch their concert. BSB used to only go on tours in countries where it’s not quite accessible for my 14 year-old self to travel to. And my parents are not the type who would accompany me overseas for concert. I’m going to say, typical Asian parents? Anyhoo… yay!!! Gona go with my girlfriends for this…
  3. Cirque du Soleil – 8 June
    1 day after my CFA exam! talk about ‘freedom’. Hopefully I would have done well in the exam, so I can really enjoy the show. But, hell, I’ll enjoy it anyway. What’s done is done no? This will be my 2nd Cirque show in almost 10 years. And I’ll get to do this with a group of friends! Eggciting!
  4. Lululemon Seawheeze and Sun festival – 23 August
    The super expensive half-marathon running event. I am actually very excited to do this. I have not run half-marathon in almost 5 years i think. And the last run that I did was Vancouver Sun Run, 3 years ago. That was a 10-km-run.  I will be doing the run alone, but afterwards, for the Sun Festival, bf will be joining me.
    Supposedly there will be hundreds of people doing yoga on the field, near Stanley Park/Lost Lagoon, before the concert start… Sounds wow! So that’s why I will do it… At least once….

That sort of round it off for now. We do have a big yearly trip in November.. Itinerary for now will be Cameron, Holland and 1 other Country in Europe… Most probably Italy, but will have to think of the logistic more before we start planning…

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