Spending Updates 21 – 27 Mar 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 85.5 85.5
Entertainment 32.51 -4.99
Dine Out 21.5 10.5
Misc. 44.5 2

Drinks – The Main -$20
Starbucks – $12
Starbucks – $5.50
MoneySense – $25.50
Lunch – Tim Horton’s – $4.50
Taco Time Lunch – $4.50
Dollarama – Snacks & Clothespin – $4
Winners – Sleep mask – $12

Friday bf and I went out for some Thai food with his colleague at our fave Thai Resto, Sawasdee Thai. Then we went for a drink. Bf cover the food while I cover our drinks. He’s on the shorter end of the bargain, obviously. heehhehe…

Related : Sawasdee Thai on Main St.

And I subscribed to MoneySense for a year. I like reading MoneySense as I can learn a lot about personal financial stuff; from saving to investment to spending. To top it of, they’re based in Canada, albeit not Vancouver, so the stuff that they write are more relevant to me as opposed to LearnVest, which is more US. I got tired of being limited to 2 articles when I’m reading since I tend to jump around between articles quite quickly, and come back to an articles quite frequently as well. So it make sense for me to give it at least 1 year try.

I’m trying out some space saving hacks for my clothing. Hence the clothespin. I will let you know how it goes…

Lastly, I was FINALLY able to find sleep mask that is of a good material for a decent price! I got 2 at once since it’s so hard to get. My fave is from Dream Zone. London Drugs use to carry them, but they  no longer do. Next best thing is Bed, Bath & Beyond. I live quite far from the nearest branch; AND the last time I went there, the sleep mask that I got were not of a good quality (same brand, different look). I thought it was just the pattern, so I went and get 2 of them at $11 a piece. But the material gets ‘fuzzy’ after awhile. Did not happen with the previous one I got from London Drugs ($7.99 a piece). So I turned online. Amazon has one for approximately the same as London Drugs ($7), but it’s a US website, they can’t ship to Canada. I had to go through Amazon Canada, where the same stuff is selling for $22 each…. WTH! So yes, I was happy to find one of similar quality for $6 each at Winners. I will update again on the durability of it…. Cuz right now it is still very COMFORTABLE.


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