Rice Bowl at East is East

east is eastThere are a few East is East around Greater Vancouver, I believe. One on Broadway and one on Main st. Most of the time I believe I went to the one on Main. Anyway, it is a Afghanistan/Middle Eastern type of food, although I know one of my Indian friend like this place too, I’m assuming also because of the similarities to Indian food.

Anyway, I don’t really enjoy Indian curry, but I do enjoy some of the food here at East is East. I love their mystic soup, and their salad dressing.

I was really hungry when I went there the last time, so I ordered some thing with rice for filler. So ordered one of the rice bowl. The one with beef… It was delicious, I enjoyed it, but portion wise, kinda tiny, and bear in mind I was HUNGRY… it’s just nice, in the end, but I wasn’t quite satisfied. =P

And it’s a tad on the expensive side for the price. but they do use a very good amount of spices. Overall, I enjoy their food and will still go back again, and again.


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