Spending Updates 14 – 20 Mar 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 100 85.5
Entertainment 50 32.51
Dine Out 50 21.5
Misc. 50 44.5

Socks – $14.50
Starbucks – $2.99
Sushi Town – $24
Starbucks – $2.50
Monday – No Spend Day
Taco Time Lunch – $4.50
Dinner at Joyeaux – $12
London Drugs – Halls – $5.50
Thursday – No Spend Day

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I really didn’t spend much this past week. Well within the budget I shall say. Ordered an extra taco from my usual meal, as I was SUPER hungry by the time I went for lunch. Bought socks at winner, Saucony, for good deal. 6 pairs for about $12++. Winners does have good stuff sometimes.

Nothing much BUT, there are a couple hidden expenditure that I did not categorized under the daily budget. I took it from my tax refund. It’s not a usual stream of income, and it’s also not the usual spending amount. I choose to essentially ‘write’ them off, as in did not count the cost that I spend under tax refund. But be assured that I spend it responsibly and remember to save.

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