Tax Seasons and Tax Refunds Splurge

For most of people that I know, this is the busiest season at work. Be it RRSP (in financial industry) or in Accounting. Well I’m in neither and I’m quite busy. Mostly with students asking for their T2202A forms, eventhough we have mailed them out like end of January.

For me, I am looking forward to my tax return (at least for this year and most probably next year). I know for sure I will get a handsome amount of return, since I have a humongous amount of tuition credit. Yes, I am one of those lucky people whose parents paid for their education. AND technically the refunds belong to my parents, but they don’t live here, so they’re mine. I promised I’ll buy them something very very nice. =D

So these were what I acquired recently…

  1. Camera
    So, I have decided to spend a decent amount of it on my new camera, and a couple of other things that is associated with me purchasing that camera. Yea didn’t think of all these things prior to getting the camera, since the camera itself is already a huge chunk of the cost… Shoulda coulda woulda…. Anyway, the cost so far cover the camera, memory card and bag…. Couple more things that I definitely need like the lens scratch prevention thingy is one of them.
  2. BSB Concert in May!!
    Another one of my big spending is Backstreet Boys Concert!! I have been a fan since they first came out in 1996. Man that was a loooong time ago…
    I kinda stop following any news about them sometimes in 2006. In parts probably because they kind of broke apart or something and became a quartet. Partially probably because I grew up too…

    When I decided to go to the concert with a couple of my friends, I thought it would be something like a reminiscing kind of thing. Well, there would probably still reminisce part about it, but after further ‘investigation’ the concert is actually a promotion of their new album… which I have never heard of… and also, apparently they had like 3 albums after 2006… Where have I been all this time? I shouldn’t call myself a fan I guess…. =P

    So anyway, I listened to their new album, and I like it. Still the flavour of the old BSB, but more mature. Well considering their youngest member is now 34 yo… (holy crap!) they better be at least a little bit more mature. To quote my bf, “It’s actually quite nice to see a boyband who can grow facial hair”. ROFL

  3. Eat at Fancy Restaurant
    Well, I’m not quite referring to 5-Michelin Star Restaurant or something… Just a good cozy romantic dinner…. Bf bought a Blue Man Group show, he said cuz he got some extra cash from work. And I figure I’ll ‘balance’ it with a nice dinner prior to the show. ^.^
    So the last thing that I am going to do with the HUGE chunk of my tax refund is to chuck it into my TFSA account. OF course I will not forget to save. I’m old enough to know that and actually do it. I still have enough room for TFSA this year and coincidentally any new deposit into ING ( I mean Tangerine) TFSA account by 30 March will earn a decent 2.5% interest until April 30. So, it’s a no-brainer for me at the moment.


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