Combo Plate at Memphis Blues

Memphis blues

So we were wandering around at Chapters and wondering where to go for dinner. Ran into a friend of mine at Chapters, who recommended Memphis Blues, on Robson, about 3-4 blocks away from where we were. So, why not right, new place to try and we were hungry…

Portion looked big and individual set cost upward of $15. We decided to order the Combo Plate and share them. Still cost about the same at $22+tax+tips. The guy behind the counter recommended the pork and beef, so we ordered that.

Now, they have hot sauce, but they do have Frank’s Hot Sauce, which I don’t like. It could be because of the lack of Tabasco, or just because the meat/sauce itself is not too my liking, I wouldn’t go back there. Not for the price.

Service and ambiance is not too bad though. So if you’re looking for just a new place to try. It’s not a bad place to try. Just probably you won’t be coming back. OR you might have a different opinion. Let me know!


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