Actors: Acting or For Real?

I’m not talking about when the actors are on TV or big screen. Because I’m pretty sure they were acting, for the most part. But what if yo u have a friend who’s an actor/actress? I obviously do not have one. So I might feign ignorance on this. But just hear me out.

The background story is, I work for a Media Arts School that has an Acting Department. So we have one area where the acting students usually hangs out or practice for class. So I have heard a lot of ‘conversations’, screams and ‘fights’ throughout the week.

So one day, I was making my way to the washroom, passing the acting area. There in the corner, was a girl sitting down curled up on the wall, talking on the phone. I saw mascara streak of tears on her cheek. I thought oh, she might just missed home, and talking to her family on the phone. I know for sure how it feels. So there it went to the back of my head.

Until the next day, again, on my way to the washroom. A different girl with legs folded and sitting in the corner. It could be quite cozy there. Not many foot traffic.
She was sobbing, and talking on the phone while sobbing. That got me wondering. Was it an actual phone conversation? Because that happened 2 days in a row, back to back, same place, both acting students. OR was it an acting exercise of some sort?

Then crossed my mind too. When you have a friend who is an actor/actress, how do you know when they’re acting or not. I mean everyone can act, but I have it in my head that actor/actress, can act better, and since they do that more frequently, it’s gona be much easier for them, don’t you think? So, there… just a random thoughts…. What do you think about that, I wonder….


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