My New Camera – exploring the photography world… ^.^

cameraSo as you might have known, and notice from my want list, probably, I’ve gotten myself a brand spanking new camera, and a dSLR. I was holding off all this time (been wanting to get it since I was in Singapore, about 5 years ago) because I didn’t think I’d have the time to go out and actually use it. And it was bulky, to tote around for a normal outing with friends. So now, my point of shoot camera was about 6-7 years old, I have more time to go out and take pictures, have a little bit of extra money (upcoming decent amount of tax refund) to spend and save, of course, and Canon came up with the world’s smallest dSLR (to date). It’s like the universe is conspiring to make me buy the Camera. Yea, no. I just want to buy the camera….
There were a couple of option on how I’d spend the tax refund. One of them was buying a diamond necklace. Or a super-expensive bag of some-sort. But I guess that wasn’t quite me. So camera it is. And there was some kind of deal on best buy, that was going on for 3 days or so.

What’s more, this deal includes Canon’s newest lens. I’m not entirely sure of the specification/usage of it, but I know they’re good for day-to-day photography, which is what I am aiming for. And also, this lens is FLAT. They call it the ‘pancake’ lens. Can you imagine the size of it now. So the smallest dSLR and the flat lens. That’s like one of my top criteria. So, again, the universe. *wink wink* Oh and I got it through Ebates. 1% rebate.. >.< NOT a lot, but hey, again, better than nothing.

But anyhow, I’ve taken a  couple of pictures from my balcony so far, and I gotta say I’m pretty satisfied with the purchase. And Summer is around the corner, weather is gona get better, if anything else, Spring is already here, and I see Cherry Blossom everywhere in West End. *woot woot*. EGGCITED!


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