Spending Updates 7 – 13 Mar 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 23 23
Entertainment 5.5 -1.7
Dine Out 4.5 -3.5
Misc. 20 19.5

Stationery – $6.50
Coffee & Snacks – $7.20
Button – $1.50
Bubble Tea – $4.50
Ebates – $(7.50)
Monday – No Spend Day
Lunch – $3.50
Wednesday – No Spend Day
Thursday – No Spend Day

Well look at that! Not a whole lot of spending. I’m so proud. If I had brought lunch on Tuesday I’d have like 4 no spend day in a row… Oh well…
Just would like to mention again, that I got a rebate cheque!! Not a lot, but better than nothing. It could cover 2 Tuesday lunch… (or 1 weekend coffee… >.<)

I got the rebate by spending under misc, so it was right to ‘put it back’ there… Nothing major otherwise… Oh I did went to Podiatrist for my super flat feet. Expensive!! but I’ll get reimburse for that… So I didn’t include them…





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