Spending Updates 28 Feb to 6 Mar 2014

Beg. Balance End Balance
Clothing 100 23
Entertainment 45 5.5
Dine Out 45 4.5
Misc. 45 20

– Dinner at C-Lovers – $15
– Coffee – $5
– Clothing – $11
– Coffee & Fries – $2.50
– Lunch – Momo Sushi – $15
– Contact Lense – AC Lens – $124
– Lunch – $4.50
– Coffee – $1.50
– Lunch – $3.50
Wednesday – No Spend Day
Thursday – No Spend Day

So what ‘kills’ my budget this week will be contact lens. I ordered 4 boxes (minimum order of $99 for free delivery. Should last me for 1 year. IF it’s comfortable and fit my eyes nicely. Recently my contact lens and my eyes were not in a very good term. We shall see. In addition, just would like to mention that I used to get my contact lens from Clearly Contacts, for the obvious reason. While doing some research for some brand comparison, I came across AC Lens. They are, I believe, a US-based company, but they ship to Canada. AND I can find them on Ebates, as opposed to Clearly Contacts. So I get about 4% rebates from my purchase. Not too bad, on top of the cheaper price that AC Lens offer (It was $41 per box – Clearly Contacts with 4 box purchase VS $32 per box with no minimum purchase – AC lens). I am, however, still waiting for my order. Will update again if the product and/or the delivery process is unsatisfactory.

Since the lens take up pretty much half of my 2 weeks worth of budget, I decided to spread them out to different category. To avoid one category for being overly negative. $66 under clothing, $33 under entertainment, $25 under misc. Oh, well….

Other than that, I don’t see any irregular expenses… 3 more days before my allowance get a top up! *jiayou* (translation: add oil!!)


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