Have you tried Taiwanese Restaurant – Utopia?

utopiaI have. Utopia is located right in the corner of Dunsmuir and Seymour. I was craving for a spicy food that day. And it was a rainy gloomy day. Soupy dish seems like the right choice. Unfortunately, my lunch mates were in a hurry, and soups are not a good food to order when you’re in a rush. Regardless, I ordered soup anyway. It caught my eyes since the moment I sat.

It is spicy (not by Indonesian standard though), and it’s huge! You could just order an extra bowl of rice and share the soup. Even the rice portion is big. SO technically you could just order 1 set of lunch and share them, if you don’t feel like packing the leftover home. Service was not bad and food was brought out pretty quickly. However the food itself was very average. Well the one that I ate anyway. I would not mind going again though. See about other type of food.
Lunch meals are about $8 – $10. Which is kind of a normal price, for the portion especially.


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