Travel Hair Dryer from Sephora is Awesome

hairdryerI recently (by recent I mean about 1-2 month ago) broke my hair dryer. The one that I always bring to gym. And or travel. You can still turn them on, but the fan thingy just wouldn’t work anymore. So it’s essentially useless. I got that one for $20. Lasted for about 1 year or so.

I didn’t want to lug around my ‘giant’ hair dryer to gym. It’s so not good for my back carrying heavy stuff (not just the dryer. Everything adds up.

I was looking at some stuff at Sephora, and I came across this hair dryer. ON SALE! Essentially half off. SO I ordered one. The review was good AND I agree. It’s so tiny, but fit well in my hands, and it packs a punch! I have ALOT of hairs on my head and it dries them fast! Considering I have less than 30 min to shower and dry my hair (and everything else a girl usually do after shower) after gym class, this one works miracle!

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