Spending Updates 21 Feb to 27 Feb 2014

21 Feb - 27 Feb 2014Let me just say this, I am not liking what I see here. I am wayyyy in the negative this week. It’s BAD BAD BAD…. and Even with the ‘adjustment’ I’m in the negative. I will take it out of the next week Misc.

So what did I spend on the last 7 days? Let’s see…

– Lunch – $7.50- French Press – $28
– Lego – $4
– East is East – $14.50
– Coffee – $6
– Gift – $20.50
– Misako – $52.50
– Milestone’s – $36
– Coffee – $6
– Bottled Water – $1.50
– Lunch – $5.50
Tuesday – No Spend Day
Wednesday – No Spend Day
Thursday – No Spend Day

In my defense, once I knew I was out of budget, I did not spend any money for 3 days! Which was good. However, I did not realize that I happen to squeezed in all extraordinary expenses into 1 week.

I went to cut my hair. Yes I can get one of the Groupon deal, but they don’t have any for Japanese salon. And I think Japanese hairstyles fits well with the type of hair that I have, think, wavy and poofy. So I kinda had to go to a Jap Hairdresser, and it’s gona cost about the same across the board (more expensive than Groupon hairdresser)

Then, I treated my ‘accountant’ for lunch since she helped me out for back filing about 10 years of tuition credit. Yes, ‘accountant’ with the air-quote, since she is an accountant, but not my accountant. I don’t earn enough to warrant having an accountant. She didn’t want to charge me a fee for her trouble, so I treat her food instead.  I can’t think of anything else really…

Another 2 things are; my friend is having a baby shower, so that’s a gift, and I got myself a french press (to save on my daily coffees)…

Like I said, everything happen to squeeze into the last 7 days. I can’t imagine I’ll have haircut every week, or buying French Press every week…
Although… I might budget myself for a Lego mini figurine every week….. I know it’s ‘useless’, but they are just so darn cute! Don’t you think?



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