Have You Picked Up Your L’Occitane Samples Yet?


I have I have… If you haven’t, you should! I picked up mine yesterday, after I received an e-mail confirmation from them. And look what I got here? More samples! More than what I know what to do with… but it just means I won’t buy most of these stuff in a while…

Just for the record though, I do use L’Occitane product, and I love them. I used their Brightening Moisture Mask as daily moisturizer. I love it, since it’s quite versatile. During summer time, I put on a very thin layer, and thicker layer during winter time. Seems like they don’t have it anymore though… Bummer….
I also used the Immortelle Precious Eye  Balm.  Yes, it’s expensive, but it took me over 1 year to use them up.

I usually get them through Sephora (collect points) if I could,  and get to Sephora online through Ebates Canada, for rebates. ^.^

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