Breakfast at Milestone’s

milestone'sI’m not one to frequent establishment such as Milestone’s or Earl’s, etc. You know, the likes that cost upward of $15++ per dish. I had bad experience with Earls, as in I didn’t like the food and cost me about $30 (incl tax and tips). But Milestone’s, I have been pretty satisfied dining here. Mostly went for brunch, once for girl’s night out meal stuff. Both had been fantastic. And yes, they’re still pricey, but the food was good. and not to forget the Bellini’s, of course.  Anyhow, I ordered the salmon benny’s. Love the sauce and the salmon and the potato and the salad. NOT a big fan of the bread used. I’m not sure what it was. It’s still good but too filling. Or maybe I was just caught off guard, expecting English Muffin.

*omnomnomnom* wouldn’t mind going there again for another breakfast. ^.^



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