Spending Updates 14 Feb to 20 Feb 2014

14 Feb - 20 Feb 2014

Okay. I’ve been a bit behind in uploading my expenses (not that anyone will notice anyway. =P). But I do keep track in a timely manner. Although, I will still try to upload it in a timely manner, just for the sake of self-discipline. So…

– Coffee – $2.50
– Snacks – $2
– Dinner – $12Saturday – No Spend Day
– Coffee – $4.50
– Lunch – $30
– Shoes – $40
– Wristlet – $25
– Gift – $1
– Snack – $5
Monday – No Spend Day
Tuesday – Coffee
Wednesday – No Spend Day
Thursday – No Spend Day

FOUR NO SPEND DAY *woot woot* but at the same time, I went shopping too… hahaha… Well bf and I went across the border. NO it was not just for shopping, cuz with the USD strengthening against CAD, it’s not so much cheaper to do cross-border shopping. Nope, we went across the border, to come back into Canada and LAND!, well, I did anyway, bf is Canadian. So, yeap yeap, I finally got my PR! That’s Permanent Residency. Means I can stay here ‘permanently’. After all this time… quite surreal actually… But anyway, we could actually just go across to US Custom, get a letter, then come back through Canadian Custom, but we thought why not just make a day out of it.

We went to the outlet,  grab a couple of stuff at a good deal, since it coincide with President’s Day sale, or something. Manged to get a converse shoes for $30, where normally it’s at least $50. Then coach wristlet. I got 2 of them, 1 for me and 1 for a gift. There was a further 50% off the discounted price. Each comes out to $20 incl. tax. Grab a pretzel then we decided to head out soon to avoid the rush hour coming back to Vancouver. Since I have to go into the building instead of simply passing through the booth.

We also drop by a quaint little historic town called Fairhaven for a quick lunch on the way back to the border. It was a pretty neat town, looking a little like Gastown, but with more character. We would love to explore more but the weather wasn’t very friendly. Cold and windy. I had soup and baguette, Bf had quiche and caesar salad with side fruit. Food was not bad, but they prepared the food using a slightly more herbal-ish approach, which I don’t really like. And it wasn’t cheap… anyway…. There’s nothing else I spent on… Again, *woot woot*


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