Sephora Order!!

SephoraFINALLY! Fina-freaking-Ly they arrive. I was so anxious waiting for it. I mean I know it’ll take a while, but I mean, not THIS while. haizzz…. So I finally got my $9 hair dryer (say what…) for gym/travel. And I got my eye cream. It cost a dubloon but took me 2 years to finish the last one. So, it’s still good. And my a giant size of Shea butter hand cream, which I’m gona leave in the office. It’s right in front of my eyes. I WILL use it eventually. and I do need my hand cream.

Did u see the rest of the item though? a bag full of perfume sampler, and your usual 3 sample per order from Sephora, of course. *woot woot* I’ll be smelling very nice for the next few weeks… =P

And don’t forget, I also got 5% rebate on this from


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