Spending Updates 7 Feb to 13 Feb 2014

7 Feb - 13 Feb 2014Friday
– Lunch – $9
– Mitten – $12
Saturday – Whistler Trip
– Saline Solution – $5
Sunday – Whistler Trip
– Coffee – $8.50
– Lunch– $3.50
– Coffee – $2.50
– Coffee – $2
Thursday – No Spend Day

It seem like it was a slow week, but that would be because me and bf, and couple more of other friends went to Whistler for a weekend getaway. It was Family day Long Weekend. So anyway, there are a couple of expenses that were jointly paid. Hence it wasnt quite showing on my own expenses. But anyway, overall I’m on the positive side of the budget. To account for that expenses of Whistler trip, I’m going to just write down everything to zero, and keep the bi-weekly budget for next one.

Whistler trip cost breakdown:
– Return bus – $32
– 2 nights accommodation –  $87.50
– Food – $27
– Misc. (eat out, snacks, etc) – $35
Yeap, it was an expensive trip, and there were quite a lot of food wasted… I should go to my friend’s house and pick up some stuff from the leftover…






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