Spending Update – 31 Jan to 6 Feb 2014

Spending Update - 31 Jan to 7 Feb 2014

– Bag – $-45
– Muffin – $2
– Multivitamin – $20
– Coffee – $2.50
Sunday – No Spend Day
Sea Wheeze Half-Marathon – $155
– Personal care – $85
– Lunch – $4
– Lunch – $7.50
– Dinner – $25
Thursday – No Spend Day

So, I bought a duffel bag, I didn’t like it since it was too big. I manage to sell it and re-coup the whole cost. *yay me*. Well it was a new bag, and I’m glad the person who bought really like it. And it’s a win-win since it is less than if she had gotten it from the store. I received a birthday discount when I purchased it.

It was quite an expensive week. I signed up for a half-marathon run, and ordered online for some moisturizer and travel hair-dryer. I busted my gym hair dryer. And couple more thing. I did use ebates… So will get about 10% rebate. *yay* Although I believe I can’t collect it until my available balance is at least $5. Oh well, no hurry.

I also went to the Craft Beer Market to meet up with a friend, whom I haven’t seen for probably a good year. So it was cheap wing’s night, but by no means was it cheap. It was pretty good tho. We ordered 2lb wing’s, side of fries and International Sampler each. They’re mostly Belgium beer, but they were quite good selection.

And that covered my week. Upcoming week will be more costly since we are in Whistler for the weekend with a group of friends. Looking forward to the time away, but not to the trips and hassle… and whatnot…

So how was your spending for last week?


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