Ebates – Get rebates for online shopping!

So Ebates is essentially a rebate website that will obviously give you a rebate, when you purchase stuff online. So what you have to do is go to Ebates website first (for me it will be ebates.ca). From that website, you will search the merchant/online store that you want to purchase stuff from. Yes, fashion-wise I’d say there are less stores that you can pick from on the Canadian website than the US website, but there are still MANY selections.

So from there you will be ‘linked’ to the online retailer that you pick, and ebates will track it. They will assign a tracking order/number which you can refer to sometime in the future. After that you’ll just make your regular purchase, yada yada yada…. and Ebates will automatically track your purchase and the rebates available on that day.

The rebates amount vary day to day. Like there are days that certain stores will offer double rebate amount, which mean you could get like 10% rebate. I mean, if you’re going to purchase those stuff anyway, why not. But then at the same time, this might actually make you want to shop even if you don’t really need those stuff. So be careful.

click here to sign up for ebates.



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