Spending Update – 24 – 30 Jan 2014

Spending Update - 24-30 Jan 2014

– Translink – $2.75
– Coffee – $2
– Lunch – $7
– Snack – $3.50
– Snack – $3
– Lunch – $20
– Yoga Strap – $18
– Translink – $2.75
– Translink – $2.75
– Coffee – $2
– Lunch – $3.50
Wednesday – No Spend Day
– Postage – $40

So I have been having lunch out quite a fair bit. With the studying that I’m doing right now, up until exam day in June, I am assuming my lunch out or eat out in general will be slightly increased.

On top of that, with my broken French Press, I might buy coffee more frequent too in the morning, I do, however, managed to lower the cost of my morning coffee by $0.50. By bringing my own tumbler and order a tall, fill up the rest with milk. End up with the same amount and creamier coffee…. score!

I’ve been having problem with my knee and back… (yes, I’m getting old), so I take more public transport instead of walking. Starting Feb, I’ll buy the monthly bus pass. AND since it’ll be my ‘lifestyle’ choice, I’ll have to re-arrange some budget allocation. At $91 per month, that thing is NOT cheap.

In line with my back/knee problem, I’ll take more of the less impact exercise, aka yoga and/or Pilates, on top of my cardio kickboxing of course. Hence, the yoga strap.

Lastly, the postage. There is a document that I need to send off to Ottawa, and a prepaid return postage too. It’s express and tracked, in other words, expensive, but more ‘guaranteed’.

AND… since there is a negative balance on one of the category, I made an adjustment of some sort… As shown in the table, if anyone is looking…

That about sum it up…





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