Stir-fried Chicken in Chinese BBQ Paste


chicken bullhead-bullhead-barbecue-sauce-26-ozThat’s right! I have this BBQ sauce that had been sitting in my fridge since like forever (don’t worry, it’s not expired yet). I got the sauce, supposedly for a hot-pot. Found about it while going to friend’s hot pot party, sort of. And I attempted to do the same at home. Somehow the flavour didn’t fit. Maybe I should’ve took the spicy one instead of the original. Anyhoo…

I know it’s another chicken dish, but you can always switch the meat to beef. I just have a lot of chicken breast at home…

The paste is pretty oily, or the oil just float to the surface, so I did not add any other oil. I started off with a dollop of the BBQ paste, then threw in the chicken. The meat was thawed, and I did not dry them off, I figured the water is necessary to dilute the paste a little bit. Add a little bit of water if your meat are dry.

Once the chicken is about cooked, I added the onion, green onion, and leftover cauliflower, and more onion in the end. The first onion is for the flavour, the 2nd batch is for the crunchiness. It’s just preference.

I also added a few drops of ABC Kecap Manis, and also few drops of Maggie Seasoning for additional flavouring. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can find the ingredient pretty much at Asian grocery store nearby. The kecap manis will be available at T&T or Save-On-Food (Canada)

What I like about stir-fry, is you can practically add in almost any veggie into the mix, and it’s still gonna be good. I said ALMOST okay…

SO, go nuts!



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