Spending Update – 17-23 Jan 2014

Spending Update - 17-23 Jan 2014

– Lunch – $20
– Coffee – $2.50
– Stationery – $5.50
– Snacks/Coffee – $6
– Jewellery – $45
Sun – No Spend Day
– Lunch – $7.50
– Translink – $2.75
– Lunch – $3.50
– Acupuncture – $7
– Translink – $2.75
– Coffee – $2

Bought a little something for myself. It’s still in transit.
Went for lunch with an old friend, and it was my ‘turn’ to pay…
Been having some problem with my back, shoulder blade area. Went to Acupuncturist nearby (I’m not covered for massage, unless I’m referred to by a doctor). It’s the tip…
I’m still on the fence about the tip. Not sure if I should give tip, since it’s his service that I’m paying for to begin with… But I gave anyway… What do you think?

I’ve done pretty good job this week. no red… but I still have 1 week left, and my French press broke, and I need a sneaker so my knee does not hurt anymore…. That will translate to less money in no time….


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